Creating community for people of color to share and learn from birth stories of all types.

Preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenthood can take many forms. Here at Birth Stories in Color, we emphasize the role of storytelling as a way to equip future parents. Listening to real birth stories is one way to discover the expected and unexpected parts of the journey.

We realize that there are birth stories not being heard. Birth Stories in Color is also a space for people of color to share their birthing experiences. A space that specifically celebrates, mourns with and supports people of color and their transformation through birth.

We hope that all who share and listen find it to be a community near and far, and an invaluable resource for navigating their own journey.

About Your Hosts:

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Laurel Gourrier

Laurel is a reproductive justice and family advocate. With a masters in Special Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Laurel began her journey of supporting families as a special education teacher/family advocate, specifically serving children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. The birth of her first child led her to begin her work as a doula. Laurel provides families with information and tools to help them feel empowered by their own birthing experiences, as well as holding space as an ally to birth inclusivity through a reproductive justice lens. The core value of uplifting autonomy is the root of her practice. She currently supports families in Columbus, Ohio through ROOTT as a birth/postpartum doula and co-host of the podcast Birth Stories in Color. She and her co-host Danielle, were led to create a platform honoring the art of storytelling and the voices of families of color.

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Danielle Jackson

Danielle M. Jackson is a wife, mother, and reproductive justice advocate. Her work has lead her into labor rooms as a birth doula and behind the microphone as half of the podcasting duo hosting Birth Stories in Color. Danielle seeks to empower women to birth without fear through remembrance and confidence. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University and worked as a Family Specialist to help families recognize their strengths and build healthy support systems. Danielle focused her skills to doula services in 2016. Issues in our community have drawn Danielle to Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT) as a change agent in the ongoing fight for birthing justice in Columbus, OH. Birth Stories in Color grew from a shared experience with her co-host Laurel Gourrier at a Doulas of Color training as they quickly realized that women of color felt liberated to speak their truth and could not stop sharing their own experiences with birth.

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