32 | Full Circle - Danielle Jackson

After surprising her husband with their third positive pregnancy test, the Jacksons began to prepare for life as a family of five. They both had learned so much about the birth process from their previous pregnancies. Danielle had become a certified doula and attended about 20 births in that capacity since her last personal birth. Things had changed, she’d seen a lot in sacred birth spaces. Some unnecessary, some necessary, and many simply inspiring. She decided to use her skills and resources to take the lead in a pregnancy that surprised her while caring for her own doula clients. She had helped numerous women to birth without fear but with knowledge of self and the physiological process of birth. Danielle chose to be supported by her fellow doulas of Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT) and birth unmedicated with a midwifery team.


Ray had a different vantage point as a father of two and having watched Danielle’s growth as a woman. He was excited to welcome his first son and take on his role as a caregiver during the postpartum period. Ray was grateful to have the support of the doula team for prenatal appointments and home visits. Allowing him to relax and know that Danielle was well taken care of, and she was in good health. Fathers often have unspoken concerns. Ray had not anticipated how long they would labor at home or how things would go for trying an unmedicated birth after choosing epidurals for the first two births. Needless to say, he garnered a whole new perspective for the work his wife does with other families.


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