18 | Tatia - Shared by Maddy Oden

*This is a story about loss - In memory of Tatia Oden French & Baby Zorah*

Tatia's story began like many, she had a healthy pregnancy, she and her family were excited to be growing, and when they went in for her induction, they were expecting to walk away with a healthy baby. However, things did not go as planned and sadly both Tatia and her baby Zorah died in the operating room.

We had the honor of having Tatia's mother Maddy Oden to share Tatia's story with us. Maddy and her family knew that they didn't want others to go through the same experience. From their loss, they developed the Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation in March 2003 to continue Tatia's memory and provide education to others.

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"It gives ALL women of childbearing age complete information concerning medical interventions and drugs which are administered during childbirth. We do this hoping that women may then be able to make FULLY informed decisions regarding the birth of their children." - Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation

This experience highlights the importance of informed consent, the medicalization of birth specifically with the induction drug Cytotec and infant/maternal mortality. We hope that as you listen, you don't sit in fear from their story, but instead take in the information, share it with others and help extend the mission of the foundation.

We can't control birth, and we can't predict outcomes, but we can gather information to ensure decisions are lead by our informed voices!


Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation | foundation website with resources, videos, articles and more information on their work

Tatia Oden French Memorial Foundation | Facebook page


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