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Being a parent requires us to exam the best and worst part of ourselves. Our children are reflections of us and are consistently watching us as we navigate our parenthood journeys. On that journey we have an opportunity to evolve, allowing our children to see our growth. As you listen to Barbara's story, you connect with her growth and understand how powerful it can be!

Becoming pregnant with her daughter was a surprise for Barbara. Throughout her pregnancy, birth and postpartum, the community was a vital part of uplifting and supporting her. She discusses that during her pregnancy she was depressed, yet her community called her home and surrounded her in love. At her birth, her church family gave her shoulders to lean on and continued that support as she navigated the postpartum transition. That experience pushed her to keep being a doula and into becoming a midwife.

As we learned from speaking with her, there are only 2% of black midwives in the birth world. Taking that information and combining it with the fact that black women have higher rates of maternal mortality than their white counterparts it highlights why this statistic must change! One way we as a community can help with that change is providing our student midwives with sustainable access to resources. Barbara hopes that by 2020 she will be a midwife and we are here for it! There are a couple of ways to help support Barbara on her goal. Head over to her website (Tiny and Brave) to learn more about her work and services. Follow her social media (Facebook & Instagram) pages to stay up to date on her journey and places she'll be speaking. Lastly, if your looking for some fantastic merchandise check out her t-shirt site. Your purchase and/or donation helps her, but also continues to open the door wider for other birth workers of color to serve their community!

Photo courtesy of    Leilani Rogers

Photo courtesy of Leilani Rogers


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