01 | Birthing Confidence - Danielle Jackson

Welcome to Birth Stories in Color! A podcast creating a community for people of color to share and learn from birth stories of all types. In this first episode, you meet your hosts Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson, both serving their community as birth and postpartum doulas. Working with families in this capacity, they found that there was a need for space where families could process their birth stories. With that, understanding that real accounts told in story form would be a great outlet for learning and providing resources for other families who may be pregnant, trying to conceive, adopting or even already with children.  

For the first episode, Danielle will be sharing her two hospital births. While her first birth was overshadowed by her health history, she still finds confidence in its success. That self-confidence and knowledge helped her power through her second birth.


Along with her stories, Danielle shares about the importance and power in knowing your own birth story. Finding time to talk to others in your family about what their birth experiences were like can help you in understanding and piecing together your own thoughts about birth. In May, Laurel wrote a blog piece Story Time on this subject. Check it out to find out more about this topic.

We hope that all who share and listen find this to be a  community near and far, and an invaluable resource for navigating their own journey.