02 | Taking Charge - Caitlin Kelley

Today’s episode features Caitlin Kelley, sharing her successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). With her first daughter’s birth, Caitlin and her husband envisioned an unmedicated and vaginal birth experience. Due to a number of factors, this was not the case and Juniper was born via emergency c-section. Caitlin ensured that for her next birth she was well educated to have a different experience, focusing on education, tools, and support for an unmedicated VBAC. Using that knowledge and the support of a doula, Caitlin was able to give birth to Lou in the way she hoped for.


Caitlin describes her relationship with her doula as a pivotal asset to preparing for her second birth. Something she loved that her doula brought to the table, was her own personal experience with VBAC. This was very helpful as her doula was able to show her and her husband specific techniques during her labor to use, but also provide important information specific to her goal of a VBAC.

This experience inspired Caitlin and she recently began her own doula journey with the Mount Carmel St. Ann Doula program. The same program that supported her during the story she shares on this episode. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area you can find out more information about the program at, Mount Carmel Doula Services. If you are looking to connect with Caitlin for doula support, check out her website, Birthing Beautifully.