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Birth plans/preferences can be a key component of birth prep, and while they keep us on track to make sure our birth stories represent our choices, they often change following the lead of labor. Chae and her husband didn't let these changes shift their focus or silence their voices. They made sure that when their birth plan changed, they still felt in charge and empowered in their decisions. 

The Pounds had planned to have a homebirth, and their birth began that way. However, within laboring at home, their midwife informed them that due to babies heart rate they would need to transfer to hospital. At the hospital, they found out that their baby had flipped to breech. While this was the case, they were steadfast in their decision to have their baby vaginally, and they did! When sharing her story, Chae exclaims that she still had her homebirth. She reminds us that "having a baby is a natural, normal process until it's not." With the birth of her daughter, she was successful in all aspects of that statement. 

Chae is a full spectrum doula and student midwife serving the New Orleans area. If you are looking to connect with Chae, check out her website, Mawiyahs Village.


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