06 | Mothering the Mother - Birthing Beautiful Communities


While the primary focus of Birth Stories in Color is birth storytelling, we also want to highlight organizations and resources that are supporting our communities and families on their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. In this episode, we hear from India Robertson COO for Birthing Beautiful Communities (BBC). An organization that is working with and for the community to combat infant mortality and inadequate care for African American families. 

BBC is a team of community-based doulas supporting expecting mothers and families from pregnancy and through a year of postpartum. They offer training, classes, support groups, partner support and a wide range of services to ensure the success of babies and families. Something that we truly admired about this organization was their strong relationship with the communities they are serving. If you would like to connect with BBC, you can find them here.


Mothership Connection | BBC fundraising support

Wright State Women's Center | Wright State Univ. parenting support