31 | Navigating Motherhood Through The Lens of Postpartum Depression - Briara Lowery


Briara considers herself an intense planner. When she became pregnant it was definitely a shock. While it wasn't something she planned for, she immediately felt connected to her son and immersed herself in preparing for parenthood. Briara's birth however shifted in ways she hadn’t prepared for, such as pushing for two hours and delivering her son via a surgical birth. As we listen to her story, we are reminded that even with all the preparation in the world, we cannot control birth.

After having her son, she expressed that physically she healed well, yet struggled healing mentally. When considering what postpartum might look like, she didn't think postpartum depression was something that would affect her. Looking at all the risk factors, in her mind, she didn't fit the mold. Her experience with postpartum depression required her to process her birth, examine how she was taking care of herself, and reflect on her expectations of what parenthood should look like. In doing that work, she acquired the tools to navigate that part of her postpartum journey.

Briara found power in telling her story and wanted to spread awareness while doing so. She founded Melanin Mommies, a Philadelphia based nonprofit and safe space for pregnant, new and seasoned mothers alike. Lowery noticed that the mothers in her community did not have as much access to resources as other mothers in more affluent areas, and so she decided to make a change. It is a space for mothers of color to connect, find healing, and discuss navigating the realities of motherhood.

To connect with Briara, you can find her on Instagram @_melanin.mommies or @briaralowery. Head to Melanin Mommies to find out more about the nonprofit and upcoming events.


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