26 | I Am a Parent ~ HunterDae Little-Goodridge

*We recommend listening to this episode in two parts, there is so much to learn from HunterDae's story and we hope you take the time and space to connect to all the intricacies of it.*


HunterDae describes themselves as a black, queer, non-binary, fat proud parent. This is who they are, and these identities are important to their existence and interactions with the world around them.

The history of their relationship with their identities made it essential for HunterDae to be very informed with their body so that they could support the transitions to come. They were very intentional in understanding the surges in their body, the hormone shifting and charting that was necessary for helping support their body in becoming pregnant.

When HunterDae became pregnant with their twins, it was a spiritual awakening. They realized they had received double the blessing and were now carrying three hearts. What their care provide saw was an individual that was checking off all the boxes for a high-risk pregnancy. This narrative continued into HunterDae's birth story.

As you listen to their story, you realize how imperative it is that when we are caring for individuals through their parenthood journeys that we acknowledge their lived experience. Care cannot be a one size fits all, and it has to come from a place of understanding the whole person.

HunterDae's name is a tribute to their children. As a way to honor the bond they share, HunterDae took their middle names. In their work now they help support families to feel present in their pregnancies. Using that to teach them to enrich and nourish themselves through it. If you would like to connect with HunterDae, you can find them at https://comfortacrossthespectrum.com/.


A Call to Action from HunterDae:

They encourage you to support Community Doula in NY in the fight for Equity by contacting your assembly and senate to stress amendments be made to bills A00364B and S-03344-B). These two bills would create a state certification for doulas and narrow the definition of “certified doula” to only those certified by NY State. Not only do these bill undermine the work of many community based doula it also excludes the voices, work and communities that need the support the most. If help identifying who to contact, you can connect here. To contact Governor Cuoumo at fax: 518-474-1513 or directly here). You can learn more about A00364B here and S-03344-B here.


Ancient Song Doula Services | doula collective

Q/TPOC Birthwerq Project | creating more access to reproductive education for two-spirit/ed, transgender and queer people of color

QTPOChomecoming | practice-led collective centering and prioritizing the experiences and vitality of Black and Brown People

Black Youth 100 | member-based organization of Black youth activists

Center for Anti-Violence Education | develops and implements violence prevention programs

Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan NY | nonprofit organization of childbirth professionals and consumer advocates

Postpartum Support International | provide current information, resources, education, advocate for further research and legislation to support perinatal mental health