29 | Breathing for Two - Uriah Boyd

Uriah and her partner Nate found themselves dealing with all the complexities that parenthood can throw at you pretty early in their journey. About a month after starting their relationship, they found out they were expecting. Also, Nate was finishing medical school in Israel, thus requiring prep for Uriah to travel late in her pregnancy, the need to find a new care provider in Israel, while also creating a strong community to support them.

In this situation, it was even more critical that Uriah was trusting and listening to her needs, both physically and emotionally. In listening to her share her experience, Uriah could truly give a whole seminar on what that entails. An aspect of her mental health that struck us was her process of letting go of who she was before the birth of her daughter. As she put it, "I had a funeral for my old self." This was important in allowing her to connect into who she would be after her daughters birth.


This introspection continued into her postpartum as she entered back into the space of intimacy and sex — not only for her relationship with her partner but also herself. Taking the time to rediscover what her body looked like, could do and enjoyed. It was refreshing to speak candidly with Uriah about how vital communication and vulnerability were in stepping back into that healing.


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