30 | Breaking Generational Cycles - Brandy Wells MSW, LISW

Our stories begin at birth. Who we are, and our relationship with our families begins with, our journey in the womb and into the world. Brandy Wells CSW, LISW has taken that knowledge and is not only using it in her work as a social worker but also in her parenting with her husband, Maurice.

Brandy shared the pregnancies and births of her three daughters. As you listen, you can connect with the intentionality of the growth she has achieved through her parenthood journey. Her first birth, she wasn't prepared, and it manifested not only how she took care of herself during the pregnancy but also in her birth. Knowing that wasn't what she wanted, with each new experience, she added preparation elements, to ensure she could walk away from her experiences empowered.


It was beautiful to hear how using conscious parenting or as Brandy describes it "teaching lessons while parenting," she is breaking generational traumas and cycles. Her children can see the growth of their parents and echo it in their development and relationships.

A key component of Brandy's growth is how she has engaged her elders — speaking to them about their births and childhood. Using the gift of storytelling to dig deeper into her healing while also creating stronger bonds. She left us with a plethora of tools on navigating how to hold space for ourselves and our families.

If you would like to (and we highly encourage it haha) connect with Brandy you can follow her @mymotherhoodmagic or at My Motherhood Magic.


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