16 | Healing - Erica Maddox

Erica was 19 when she had her daughter and while she wasn't necessarily sure how to prep she knew that no matter what she had to be in good space and mindset. Her daughter was born five weeks early. Labor lasted for 5 hours and included three pushes. Erica indicates that her daughter arrived in true Taurus form, like a bull ready to take on the world!

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Once her daughter made her arrival, Erica found herself struggling to navigate postpartum. A sentiment that many birthing parents can connect with. Breastfeeding was difficult, she was working through feelings of self-doubt and not being a good enough mother. While she was able to put on a face for everyone around her, internally, she knew something was wrong.

Now 11 years from that time and reflecting on it, Erica knows she was suffering from postpartum depression. Currently studying counseling psychology and supporting families as a doula, she's working to help other birthing parents navigate their journeys. Erica is hoping that by being open about her experience and sharing her story, she's helping to normalize conversations of postpartum struggles. If you are looking to connect with Erica for doula support find her Trac-E Doula RI on Facebook and Instagram.