21 | Birth is Art - Lauren Turner


When Lauren found herself pregnant and began sharing the news, one of her art teachers asked her "Do you know about birth?" That question sparked Lauren and her husband to ask themselves what did they know and feel about birth. From there they began the quest of understanding what birth could be like for them. Taking into consideration their new knowledge and their hopes for their family they decided homebirth for their children was best.

As birth workers, we try to emphasize the importance of early bonding with our children. One way we encourage this is through nursing. It was a great learning experience to listen as Lauren shared how her nursing journey with her daughter helped her to heal from past traumas and especially during her postpartum. In times when she was struggling she would reflect and sit in that space with her daughter using that time to anchor herself from what she was feeling. While we emphasize how nursing can be vital for our children it can also be just as pivotal for the birthing person(s).

Beyond nursing, another avenue that Lauren has used to process and heal is through her art. Soon after the birth of her first child, Lauren began supporting families as a birth/postpartum doula. Inspired by the births of her close friends, she felt moved to get back to her art. Using it as a vessel of storytelling and reflection for them. Lauren has always loved art, but now she’s found a new love for her craft as she's painting black women in the way she has always wanted to paint them!


Laurens advice to us all is to do more art! Visual accounts of birth are just as important as oral accounts. We are excited to see her art added to other birth experiences. To learn more about her work and purchase head to Ren the Doula.


Being a doula has helped her to understand her own experiences. Currently, she and her doula partner Chanel are supporting families in the Baltimore area. If you would like to learn more or connect for support head over to Empowering Your Birth.